4 Things Your Website Should Be Doing

Studies indicate that between 75% to 90% of people will visit your website before your physical location. Others indicate that people will visit over one dozen church websites before visiting a church’s physical location. And many—if not most—people visiting your church’s website will make a decision whether or not to visit your church’s physical location solely by their online experience alone.

If you don’t have a website – your church doesn’t exist. If you want people to come to your church, you need to make sure your church’s website does the following:





themefuse.comYou have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. There are three types of visitors:

  1. People attending your church
  2. People attending another church
  3. People who do not regularly visit a church

If you need help with this I can help. You can have a website for about $8 a month (use the hostgator coupon podcastcoach to save 25%). Then you can purchase a theme for WordPress that is designed for churches. Services like Themefuse allow you to purchase a suite of theme (you’ll see $195 a year) that can scare you. You can purchase the ONE theme you need for $55.

With the new year upon us, take some time to look at your website. If possible, find someone who doesn’t go to your church (friend or family) and get them to go to your website while you watch and have them talk outloud about what they are thinking.

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Holiday Pictures (Repost)

One of the things you need to ask yourself as you look at your church family is “what do we have?” What talents are available in my congregation. As its not officially the holiday season, do you have a photographer? Why not offer free holiday pictures for Christmas Cards. When they show up for the picture, off to email the pictures to them (where they can opt in for future updates about your church – completely optional) or you can simply burn them to a CD and let them take the CD with them. With the low price of CDs this costs the church almost nothing and can be a great ice breaker. Now when everyone asks, “where did you have these photos taken they can answer the name of your church.” The photographer may pick up some extra business.

Free book The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask available on the Kindle for free for the next 10 days. If you have people who are afraid that they me “stumped” by someone this is a great read. I mentioned this book in a previous blog post.

Lastly, don’t let fear stop you from reaching out. You may take precaution, but do not fear stop you in your tracks.

Is Jargon Blocking You From Connecting?

Today I talk about a “Traditional” service and was surprised at how confused I was when I left the service. The entire thing was scripted (no room for the holy spirit to improvise), and it just seemed “cold.” After all if all the words were in the program, I could’ve taken it home and read it.

blahThere was a ton of what I will call Jargon (the biggest one was Strepitus). If you’re audience has to focus on how you are saying things, they will never be able to focus on WHAT you are saying. You need to provide the gospel in a way that allows them to see how it can change their life, and how it can be implemented. We get hung up on how the music works with the message, but at the end we need to determine what do we want people to do with the message?

I just know walking out, I now have a much better understanding of why people in their 20’s are abandoning traditional services.

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Tony Morgan’s Trends in Growing Churches

Tony Morgan’s Trends in Growing Churches 36Tony is the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of The Unstuck Group. He’s a consultant, leadership coach and writer who helps churches get unstuck and have a bigger impact.

I found a post of his that pointed out 36 trends of growing churches. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Priority in pointing people to a relationship with Jesus
  • Intentional strategy to reach people outside the faith
  • Path for new believers to take their first steps

(In general there is a lot of planning, and thinking ahead. There is a focus on sharing the vision of the church. If everyone knows where they are going, they are more than likely to move forward with you).

  • Bible-centered teaching that addresses real life topics
  • Missions and evangelism aren’t programs–it’s a lifestyle

You can read the full list  here (and check out his blog – its awesome)

Dave Jackson Interviewed on 200 Churches Podcast

200 ChurchesI recently appeared on the 200 churches podcast (a great podcast for people in churches of 200 members or less). I talk about the differences between small and mega churches as I attend both. Jeff and Johnny are great guys who have a passion for ministry and reaching the lost. You can find them at www.200churches.com as well as subscribe to the 200 churches in iTunes