One of the things you need to ask yourself as you look at your church family is “what do we have?” What talents are available in my congregation. As its not officially the holiday season, do you have a photographer? Why not offer free holiday pictures for Christmas Cards. When they show up for the picture, off to email the pictures to them (where they can opt in for future updates about your church – completely optional) or you can simply burn them to a CD and let them take the CD with them. With the low price of CDs this costs the church almost nothing and can be a great ice breaker. Now when everyone asks, “where did you have these photos taken they can answer the name of your church.” The photographer may pick up some extra business.

Free book The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask available on the Kindle for free for the next 10 days. If you have people who are afraid that they me “stumped” by someone this is a great read. I mentioned this book in a previous blog post.

Lastly, don’t let fear stop you from reaching out. You may take precaution, but do not fear stop you in your tracks.

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